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      Jiangsu Sunrise Waterjet Technology Co.,Ltd is a high and new tech enterprise that was founded in 1999, which is specialized in researching, developing and producing of HP waterjet technology application products. Sunrise waterjet cutting machine is widely  used in architectural ceramics, stone tech, glass, metal working, rubber industry, auto industry, aerospace industry, military industry, petrochemical industry and all kinds of special processing industry with its’ superior performance to price ratio. Our products already sell to more than thirty foreign counties. So far more than 3000 sets of our products are used all over the world. 
      Because our excellent technical personnel in ultra pressure and automation we have the synthetic ability of product developing and multidisciplinary technology so that we can supply perfect and entirety solution to our customers. 
Our agents in home and abroad with perfect sales network and after-sales service system can supply inquiry, training of technical and after-sales service in time.
      We have certificate of ISO9001 and CE. 
      We have production license of HP waterjet cutting machine.
      We have more than twenty patent of HP waterjet cutting machine.
      We are director of Chinese waterjet association and member of America waterjet association. 



Contact: Rainnie Sun

Phone: 15951261233(whatsapp,wechat)

Tel: +86-51783717533 -8013

Email: cuxy@xshcn.com,sunrisewater@163.com

Add: No.26 Feiyao Road,economic development zone,Huaian City,Jiangsu Province

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